Gender Male
Home World Sun World
Powers Expert swordsman
Moe Type Hyper
Race Human
Occupation Powerful Hero
Weapons  Sword, Twin Sword, Spear

Smash, Pierce, Hyper

Hiro is the Hero of Sun World who was born after Soul was made into Chou-Chou's Peon.


Hiro is the hero of Sun World, born after Soul was turned into a peon by Chou-Chou, and brother of the Demon Lord, Gothem.

He has messy, spikey brown hair, and starts wearing an outfit very similar to Souls, since hearing legends of him, had looked up to him, and equipped with a long sword with the Kanji, "Powerful Hero" written on the blade given to him by Gothem when he was younger, and never passes up an opportunity to thank him, and Hiro gave Gothem a large scythe with the Kanji, "Perfect Demon Lord," inscribed on the blade.

Gothen and Hiro were found as orphans, and raised by the king as step-royalty and step-siblings to Sandy Sunshine. When he and Gothem were younger, neither of the two boys really fit the part of Hero or Demon Lord, in fact, both of theme seemed to be absolutely normal and playful kids, although they both trained for the part. When they turned 13, the Hero Soul and Demon Lord Soul awoke in both, and Gothem ran away to the other continent,  Gothem, the Demon Lord and Hiro's brother took control of the Demon Lord's old castle, and started to send monster raids very often to attack the kingdom and villages.

Hiro had gotten tired from fighting one of the Monster Raids, when Chou-Chou and the others appeared, hearing of new Hero's and Demon Lord's being born on each of the worlds, and came to make them her peon. They helped with the monster-raid, when Chou-Chou commented that they were no stronger then before. Hiro asked him who they all were, but less then halfway through the group's introductions and explanations, Hiro noticed Soul in the party, and starts asking him tons of questions, which Soul answers, about being a hero.

Chou-Chou and the party accompany Hiro to fight Gothem at the other continent, and ended up defeating him. Hiro likes strong people, so he instantly  fell for Chou-Chou as she is, becoming her Peon.

In one event, Hiro overhears Soul admitting his bikini fetish to Gothem, asking him if he has the same inclinations, Gothem replying he doesn't care about people, let alone girls, in sexy clothing or not. Hiro says to himself, "The legends never said anything about Mr. Soul being such a pervert...."



Working Together!

Linked Skills are 25% Stronger

EX SkillsEdit

Time to Show My Hero What- Oops!

Hiro starts off trying to do Soul's Special Skill, Super-Cool Hero Strike, but when he begins attempting to carve the planet's into Kanji, he stumbles, and  when he does, the planets he was carving fall and damage all enemies in range. Multi-Tagret.