Gender Male
Home World Sun World
Powers Chaos, Summoning, Darkness, Controling monsters
Moe Type Sadist
Race Human
Occupation Cruel Demon Lord
Weapons  Scythes, Twin Knives
Skills Power,  Ranged, Sadist

Gothem is the former Demon Lord of Sun World and brother of the Hero, Hiro.


Gothem was born after the previous demon lord was defeated by Chou-Chou, Altis and Ryuto. He is the brother of the Hero, Hiro, and has short dark blue hair, and a long black shirt and pants. And is equipped with a scythe with the Kanji translating into "Perfect Demon Lord" inscribed on the blade, given to him by Hiro, which, although he refuses to admit it, means alot to him. He gave Hiro a sword with "Powerful Hero," inscribed in Kanji on the blade, which Hiro never passes up a chance to thank him for.

Gothen and Hiro were found as orphans, and raised by the king as step-royalty and step-siblings to Sandy Sunshine. When he and Hiro were younger, neither of the two boys really fit the part of Hero or Demon Lord, in fact, both of theme seemed to be absolutely normal and playful kids, although they both trained for the part. When they turned 13, something short of a Hero Soul and Demon Lord Soul awoke in both, and Gothem ran away to the other continent, where he took refuge in the old Demon Lord's castle and sent out monster raids against the kingdom and villages, until defeated by Chou-Chou's party and Hiro, and peonified by Masochist Chou-Chou, giving him promises of power.

In one event, Soul asks him if he likes bikinis like him, and he replies, "I care about no one, let-alone women, whether in small clothing or no."



Nightmare Fuel

Inward Sadist damage nullified by 20%

Outward Sadist Damage amplified by 25%

EX SkillEdit

Nightmare Dragon

Gothem raises his scythe and his shadow turns into a dragon shape which slithers over towards the enemy, and then flies out of the ground as a black dragon, dealing damage to the enemies within range, then holds his scythe close and says, in a still dark tone, "Thank you for this weapon.... Brother." (Multi-Target)